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The Truth About Georgia’s Election Law

April 19, 2021

Georgia's new voting law has come under attack by leftists, even spurring corporations and major league sports to speak out against it. But, is it true what they are saying? Eagle Forum's Georgia State Leader Suzi Voyles joins guest host, Eagle Forum's President Colleen Holcomb, to set the record straight. Suzi's expertise and first-hand experience with Georgia's elections couldn't come at a better time.

2:11 SB 202 Facts

4:07 Bringing water to people in line

6:25 Shorter hours for polling places

7:09 Absentee ballots

9:51 Voter I.D.

13:09 Long lines

15:35 Drop boxes

17:46 How SB 202 compares to other states' laws

22:13 How to take action on unfair boycotting

Georgia's SB 202 bill: https://www.legis.ga.gov/api/legislat...


Music Credit: Scott Holmes- Inspirational Outlook