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Biology is Not Bigotry

June 21, 2021

Join host Kirsten Hasler as she interviews Erin Brewer, a former trans kid and now outspoken advocate against the dangers of transgender ideology overtaking our culture. Erin provides invaluable wisdom and advice in navigating a world overtaken by the deception in this ideology. You don't want to miss this episode!

Time Stamps:

How to Your Kids from transgender ideology: 7:15-9:00

What’s Going on with Parental Consent? 9:28-10:21

How have we gotten to this point? 10:28-11:50

Efforts we need to fight against: 12:25-18:19

How has Pride Month Changed? 24:30-27:12

What should we do? 28:18-18:35

Practical advice for parents? 30:25-32:00


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Music Credit: Scott Holmes - Inspirational Outlook