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Biden‘s Nanny State Plan

October 11, 2021

Congress plans to vote on a $3.5 trillion spending bill, but the price tag isn't the worse part. It includes provisions for government-funded childcare, universal pre-K, and an empty promise of free college. Take a listen to this episode to learn why all of these policies come with strings attached.

Check out Rachel's analysis here: https://www.heritage.org/budget-and-spending/report/would-surge-spending-children-and-families-be-investment-or-liability

Rachel will be featured in our October Eagle Forum Report! Check that out here once it's released: https://eagleforum.org/publications/efr.html 

3:30 Biden's Build Back Better Plan overview
Paid family leave, child payments, childcare, community college
9:50 Is this "paid for?"
13:45 "Free" community college
15:50 Disenfranchising the poor
19:00 Message to Moms

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