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Girls Deserve Fair Play

Girls Deserve Fair Play

April 26, 2021

Sexual orientation and gender identity seems to permeate every aspect of our lives and now it is affecting girls in sports. As states hurry to pass legislation protecting girls privacy in locker rooms and fair access to scholarship opportunities, transgender activists are loudly opposing those efforts. Alliance Defending Freedom's Christiana Holcomb joins the Engage with Eagle Forum podcast to talk about the importance of protecting girls in sports, the actions being taken by lawmakers, and the cases that are making their way through the courts.

 1:12 Protecting the bodily privacy rights of girls

2:58 SOGI targets women’s sports 6:13

Why did Gov. Noem veto legislation to protect girls?

7:40 State & federal efforts to protect girls’ sports

9:43 How you can engage on this issue

12:54 Colleen & Tabitha discuss this issue & possible outcomes


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The Truth About Georgia’s Election Law

The Truth About Georgia’s Election Law

April 19, 2021

Georgia's new voting law has come under attack by leftists, even spurring corporations and major league sports to speak out against it. But, is it true what they are saying? Eagle Forum's Georgia State Leader Suzi Voyles joins guest host, Eagle Forum's President Colleen Holcomb, to set the record straight. Suzi's expertise and first-hand experience with Georgia's elections couldn't come at a better time.

2:11 SB 202 Facts

4:07 Bringing water to people in line

6:25 Shorter hours for polling places

7:09 Absentee ballots

9:51 Voter I.D.

13:09 Long lines

15:35 Drop boxes

17:46 How SB 202 compares to other states' laws

22:13 How to take action on unfair boycotting

Georgia's SB 202 bill: https://www.legis.ga.gov/api/legislat...


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Biden’s Bridges to Nowhere

Biden’s Bridges to Nowhere

April 12, 2021

Biden recently rolled out his infrastructure plan that hardly has anything to do with infrastructure. Instead, it pushes a far-left agenda that pushes the Green New Deal, encroaches on education, and makes job-creators pay for it. FreedomWorks's Sarah Anderson joins Engage this week to explain the impending harmful effects of the American Jobs Plan.

1:25 What is "infrastructure"?

2:22 Overview of Biden's infrastructure plan

6:08 Education in infrastructure

14:15 The effect of harmful climate change policies on labor

17:54 Is there "good" infrastructure policy?

20:00 Who is paying for this bill?

FreedomWorks: https://www.freedomworks.org/


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Biden’s Border Crisis Solved

Biden’s Border Crisis Solved

April 5, 2021

As soon as candidate Joe Biden told immigrants to come to the U.S., they began flooding our borders. Now, President Biden has a crisis on his hands. NumbersUSA's Rosemary Jenks joins us to talk about our immigration system, the disastrous policies of the Biden Administration, and the solutions needed to put American workers first.

2:31 Rosemary's path to working on immigration

4:55 Is NumbersUSA anti-immigration?

6:18 Immigrants who cross border vs. visa holders

10:59 Discussion on DACA, Dreamers, and TPS

15:52 Difference in Trump's vs. Biden's immigration policies

18:06 Biden's comprehensive immigration plan

21:38 Solutions for our current immigration crisis



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